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General Fundraising Tips
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Fundraising for an organization can be a very tricky endeavor. While the right fundraiser can make hundreds of dollars for your organization, the wrong one can actually lose money. Several factors can influence whether or not the fundraiser you have chosen will make money. There are no set rules determining which ones to use and which ones to stay away from; most of that depends on your area and what activities other organizations use.

Naturally, when choosing a fundraiser, the first place to start is with doing some research. Find out what other organizations have been doing and what has worked for them. This is not to say that you should shy away from what others have done. Some activities, such as car washes, bake and candy sales, and dog walking services, work nearly every time they are done.

These kinds of activities work every time for a couple of reasons. First, they work because of the low investment costs required to participate in them. Car washes and dog walking services, for example, often only cost your organization the price of supplies; sponges, buckets and soap for a car wash, leashes and shovels for dog walking.

Second, they work because of the supply and demand. Unless you are working in a very small community, no single organization is going to wash every car in town. Your organization can catch the cars some other group missed out on last week. Or in the case of a bake sale, you are selling one time use products that people will buy if your prices are reasonable.

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