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General Fundraising Tips
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The next thing to research when selecting a fundraiser is location. First, if you are planning a car wash or bake sale, try to find a location that will first give you space for free (some places will charge you to use their water or charge a rental fee to set up tables). After you find free space, talk to a manager at your chosen location to find out if their company offers any incentives for using their location for your fundraiser. It’s not guaranteed but occasionally you can find a company that will match whatever money you make in your activity, turning $100 worth of washed cars into $200 for your organization.

After doing your homework, the next thing on your agenda should be setting prices for your services or products. If you have chosen to wash cars or walk dogs, you may consider offering your services for free, asking for donations instead of a flat fee. While some people may end up not paying, others will make up for it by giving you more than you would have asked for.

Even if you do decide to work on a donations only basis, you can save yourself from doing something for nothing setting a price after a certain point. For example, you could ask for five dollars or even ten dollars to wash full-size trucks or to walk dogs over 60 pounds or three or more dogs. You are still working on a donation basis but you are not running the risk of having someone take advantage of your free services.

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