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Hi, I registered here even though all of the register links, etc, are gone.

I do support for phpbb, that is why I know how to do it.

IF you would like any help on using the phpbb software, just let me know.

I am interested in using one of my products for fund raising. That is why I came here. I am a reseller for internet access, and I think it would work great for this. I hate to use the term, but it is basically a MLM setup. I don't push the MLM part of it, but for something like a high school or church, I think it would work great.

This is not an ad for this, I am not going to give the link. I just wonder what people think about it for fund raising.

[quote]Heres the deal:

1. You earn $2.40 per customer from day 1. You need 3 customers to start getting paychecks. You will get raises as your business grows until you are earning $3.00 per month per customer.

2. If you refer another person to become an ISP you will earn $1.20 per month from all of their sales. You even earn 60 cents from people they refer, and then other commissions for 9 levels.

3. You get paid every month no matter how much you are owed, as long as you have at least 3 customers.

4. Your customers have no banners, pop ups, or any other form of advertising on their account.

5. Your customers get a three day trial. If they are not satisfied they get a refund including the activation fee.

6. Great coverage for local numbers for your clients!

7. You get a customized file you download for free that you copy onto a floppy disk or CD. Put your own label on the disk and hand out the disks!

8. You may also sign up customers from a website instead of disks.

9. Active duty military, police, and firefighters get a discount, $9.99 for unlimited or $8.99 for 150 hour account.

10. Each of your client's get 5 email addresses, each has 20 MB of disk space. They can use Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, or Webmail.

11. Your client pays a one time $9 activation fee.

12. It only takes 2 minutes for your client's accounts to be activiated.

13. All access points are 56K and conform to the latest V.90 standard.

14. Your customers are provided toll free support by the company, not you. Support is provided 7 am to 6 PM PST Monday thru Friday on toll free number or anytime via email.

15. You may sell dial-up anywhere in the USA where we have local dial-up numbers available. [/quote]

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