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Opt-Out of Fundraising??
Does Your Organization offer the option of Opting Out of fundraising by making a cash donation?

Yes - we offer that option 0% 0% ( 0 )
No - we don't currently offer that option - but we're considering it 100% 100% ( 1 )
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Post Opt-Out of Fundraising?? 
I know this has been a long standing issue - but it seems to be cropping up more and more. Groups "opting out" of fundraising in favor of straight donations. There was a recent article in the Detroit News - [url][/url] about another school offering parents a way to "opt out" of product fundraising by writing a check. While i have no particular allegiance to product fundraising it seems to me this is a dangerous tactic

By letting supporter "opt-out" with a check - supporting the group becomes feels more like like a TAX rather an act of giving. Imagine your 3rd grader comes home with this letter telling you you can opt out of the fundraising campaign by writing a check. Now you've paid your $50 and instead of recieving goods or services - you have bought the right to not not participate in the drive.

I believe it's incumbent upon the suppliers in this business to come up with more compelling programs to help people raise money and keep their constituents involved and engaged. in the process. Yes people are tired of wrapping paper - but when done right (e.g. girlscout cookies) product fundraising can be much more effective than an opt-out porgram.

I'd like to hear your thoughts - have you instituted an opt-out program? What have the results been (financial and other)?

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